Types of Animation

Some information from some of the YouTube videos we have watched.

5 Types of Animation

  1. Traditional cell-frame animation
  2. 2D animation
  3. 3D animation
  4. Motion Graphics
  5. Stop Motion animation

Animation Terms

  • Cells
  • Frames
  • Rigging
  • Puppets
  • Onion Skinning
  • Live Action (Pixelation)
  • Scrubbing
  • Animating on twos
  • Key Frames, Break downs and In-Betweens (tweets)
  • Slo-in and Slo-out
  • Stretch and Squash
  • Overlapping action
  • Descending energy
  • Anticipation
  • Motion/action paths
  • Limited animation/smear animation

Film,Video/Theater/Animation Terms

  • Stage – stage left, stage right
  • Camera Angles (Point of View)
  • Pan/Tilt
  • Dolly/Truck
  • Cut – from scene to scene
  • Transitions – Fade out/Fade in, Disolve, Cross-Disolve
  • Fade to Whit/Fade to Black
  • Wide angle
  • Closeup
  • Key light
  • Backlight

Tips for you Animation Demo Reel

  • No longer than 2 minutes
  • Include Awesome/Best work
  • Be Original
  • Put you personality into the work
  • Best work FIRST
  • Include original Audio (if used)
  • Give every piece the time it deserves
  • Don’t edit to music – pick the right music
  • Publish your work on either YouTube or Vimeo – Vimeo is the choic for showing work to professionals
  • Use humor – make them laugh
  • Label your work

Best Animation Software

  • 3D animation – AutoDesk’s Maya, 3D Max and Cinema 4D – Cinema 4D works well with Adobe AfterEffects AND Blender (good for beginners because it is very good software and it is FREE).
  • 2D animation and traditional cell-frame animation – Photoshop Flash (Animate), AfterEffects , Photoshop and ToonBoom, TVP and Ignite

Online software sites

  • Lynda.com
  • YouTube
  • CG Cookie

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