Animation Wishes

OK, this is my wish list for what I want you to get done before the end of the semester.

  • Stopmotion: pixelation (people), inanimate objects, cut-paper and/or claymation (varying degree of complexity) (1 min duration)
  • 3D modeling: coffee cup, glass bottle, fluid in glass
  • Lip syncing: either cell-frame or 3D modeling – this will require use of audio (GarageBand) and an video editing software (iMovie and/or Premier). (10 seconds)
  • 3D character modeling: figure walk and run and/or head (for lip sync)
  • Free Animation project: come up with a concept, plan (storyboard) and execute. If cell-frame – 2 minutes (120 frames), if 3D or stop motion – 5 minutes. This project will utilize audio/sound effects and video editing too.

In all of these projects (except the modeling only assignments) keep in mind the fundamental elements and principles – slo-in and slo-out, stretch and squash, overlapping action, anticipation, exaggeration, keep it “simple” and demenstrate in your animations.


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