Preparing for a Fall

Hello everyone, just a quick post on preparing for the Fall ART337 Intro to 3DMMA. If you haven’t yet done so, begin working the beginner level-tutorials for Blender (Free) or Cinema 4D (also Free, but you have to verify you are a student) in or I follow several Blender people on YouTube (Blender Guru, CG Geek, CG Master, CG Cookie Blender, etc…) Blender is an Open Source software and is always free whether or not you are a student or professional. Blender is the software I have been learning/using in the last year and will be the software I can personally help you with… if that helps you make any decisions. I am not yet a Blender guru, but I do have a several month head start on you that you will close through out the course of the semester. It will be a great benefit to you if you are over the initial “how do I work in this software environment” or “I don’t know how to do anything with this software” learning curve when class starts in August. It is about a two or three week painfully slow process of getting accustomed to the software environment.

Hardware… we will be meeting in OP1250 and there is only one old iMac in the space with the software loaded on it. So, it isn’t a big animation platform for you to do anything. Outside of class, I encourage you to work in OP1224 on one of the five MacPro computers. These babies are souped up with RAM and plenty of hard drive space for animation. But, if you are using your own computers/laptops, you need at least 8GB of RAM – 16GB would be better and you need 1TB drive. Animation/video and modeling eat up memory and hard drive space. The thing I noticed last year is that the student computers are woefully under-equipped for anything – animation or Adobe CC in general. So, get a second job this summer and make some extra cash and bling out your computers if that is what you plan to work on.

See you all soon. rn



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