Blender Tutorial(s)

Hi everyone, I mentioned using and Youtube tutorials to get started in Blender. I subscribe to several (I mentioned them in an earlier post), but I also found  15 tutorials on Blender by Jacob Lewis. They’re pretty good and I liked them. They are called Blender Absolute Beginner Tutorials. Also, Blender Guru has a good series of beginner tutorials. These hyperlink will send you to Lesson 1 and you can go from there into the next lesson(s). I have used multiple resources in combination with Lynda and Blender Guru. Find a resource you like and get out of them what you want/need. They’ll help get over the steep learning curve. I noticed that was pretty good on walking through all the features of the software and the software environment, but I liked the Blender Guru tutorials on how to do specific things… the donut, coffee cup, airplane, texture mapping etc… Anyway, have fun.


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