Final Reel! (Claire)


I have learned so so much in this class. And I loved (most) every minute of it. Just like we had talked about that we probably learned more content in this semester alone rather than the intro art classes we take for the art major. I think I have learned great skills that I can now go and learn further on my own and have a range of skills for my future design career. Getting to watch “inspiration” almost every class was also a huge plus. I appreciate animation so much more now after having to do it myself. I just wish I might have started sooner. My favorite type might be stop motion. I really enjoyed that the app helps out a lot and frankly, blender became extremely frustrating at times with the cursor not always being where I need it to be etc. BUT I am still glad I learned good basics of blender in case I ever need to model a room or product or something! Overall, great class. I just think Rusty needs to dive deeper into animation with us!


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