Mr. Octopus! (Claire)



Claire’s Midterm Reel


In beginning animation, I never thought it could be this time-consuming. Coming from design where we are expected to have things done in maybe an hour, it is a nice change. I knew that animation and 3D modeling took time considering Disney takes 10ish years to finish a movie but I didn’t fully realize it until doing it myself. I learned that animators much have a ton of patience. Or perhaps it is just that they love creating characters and stories? Probably both. I had actually wanted to go into animation in the first place but I couldn’t find a school that was cheap enough. So that’s when I turned to graphic design. I’m glad I get to have to taste of animation.

Drawing the same character or shape and keeping it consistent between frames has got to be the hardest part for me. I’m just so used to drawing something one and being done. But I feel like having to draw over and over has and will continue to help my drawing skills grow. There’s so much to do- or more like- I want to do but there isn’t time in a semester filled with all the other classes. I’m definitely going to store up my ideas and hopefully be able to execute them someday after graduation.