“Leaky Faucet” by Joshua Fish

Rusty told us to write a story that incorporated a leaky faucet and peanut butter crackers, so I wrote this poem. It’s a metaphor for how it can sometimes feel when you’re a student in the design department: You know you’re not doing what you’re supposed to do, but you’re confused on what TO do to make things better, and you just keep pushing through the stressful monotony anyway. Enjoy.

Leaky faucet
Drip Drip
Takes me on a little trip.

Things stay the same constantly

Leaky faucet
Drop Drop
Will this race I’m running ever stop?

Peanut crackers
Tasting dry.
I keep eating, and I’m not sure why.

Leaky faucet’s
Drips keep dropping
I keep walking. I keep talking.

Running, pushing,
Heartbeat beating,
Skipping meals to make time for eating,

Moving too fast!
Can I just pause it?!
I must keep on.
Like a leaky faucet.