Equipment List

  • Computer: Desktop or Laptop (capable of 3D modeling and video editing – suggested: 8 to 16GB RAM and 1, 2 or 4TB Hard drive)
  • backup hard drive (1 or 2 TB)


  • Blender OR Cinema 4D


  • Adobe Creative Cloud

Cuts and Transitions 101

Here is the link to the YouTube video we watched in class about Cuts and transitions. Enjoy and learn something.

Here is a quick list of the cuts and transitions mentioned in the video.

  • Simple cut
  • Cut on motion
  • Insert cut
  • Cut-away
  • Cross cut
  • Jump cut
  • Match cut
  • Fade in/fade out
  • Dissolve
  • Smash cut
  • Iris
  • Swipe/wipe
  • Invisible cut
  • L-cut
  • J-cut

Post Mid-term Assignments

OK, here is the list of the post midterm assignments to complete in the next 4/5 weeks.

  • 3D Modeling of a new Monopoly piece (up-sized 200% of actual size – roughly)
  • 15 second-ish – Epic cut-paper, stop-motion animation trailer
  • 2 minute – Free animation (your animation technique/style choice) using “The competition” as the theme
  • 3D modeling Character Development (initial sketches/comp and Blender 3D modeled)
  • Blender animation character rigging for an animated walk cycle

Project updates

  • Wrap up your 10 second Run, walk, jump and gag cel animation and get it poster. You now have the 15 second cel animation of a character lip sync to do by October 9th, You choose or record the audio to work with. Assemble in either Premier or iMovie.
  • The upcoming epic story teaser, cut paper stop motion animation is due on October 23rd. You are required to use audio in this animation
  • Midterm Reel is due on October 18th. Put together all your completed cel animations into a professional video uploaded to the blog. You should have labels, well edited transitions and non-obtrusive audio.
  • Claymation stop motion animation… October…
  • EPIC FREE ANIMATION… 2 minute… November/December…

Blender Assignment(s):

  • Blender Render of a “product” –  Friday, October 6
  • Plan/design a NEW Monopoly board game character. We will 3D print this character (twice actual size) – Due… October…
  • Character Design and modeling… (watch Blender Guru video(s)): November…
  • Rigging a Blender character for animation… (watch Blender Guru video(s)): November/December…




15 second Cel-frame Run, walk, jump w/gag

So, using your well-honed cel-frame animation skills you have developed so far… you are going to design and animate 15 seconds of a character (little story if possible), doing a walk, run and jump with something funny happening (the gag). 24 fps, on twos, Format: HD 1080 x 1920 pixels. Here is the link to the pdf of the Animation stage in the correct HD format. This is due on Friday, September 22.

Next up…

For Friday… work on a character run cycle cel-frame animation and a Blender double ball bounce cycle. If you are behind on the daily assignments, work to get caught up and post your animations on the blog.

We watched new YouTube videos about video aspect ratios and the history of green screening from Filmmaker IQ and traditional matte painting special effects (FX). There are a ton of concepts shown in this video that you may have already experienced in photo editing in Photoshop. Here are the links if you want to watch them again.

Awww, I forgot to have you tell me your stories today. We will do that first thing next class period. See you Friday with everything done.